When Death Occurs

Death can be a difficult time.
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Whether a death occurs at home or elsewhere, it is important to know what comes next. The first person who should be contacted is the doctor who was last treating the recently deceased. The doctor is then required to issue a medical certificate indicating the cause of death, which then allows the deceased to be transferred to the funeral home.

If the circumstance of a death is unusual or sudden the police can be called, and the matter will become a coroner's case. If this occurs, the coroner will state when the deceased may be released to the funeral home after conducting the necessary autopsies/post mortems to determine the cause of death.

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The next person to contact is a funeral director, who will be able to support you and your family as you grieve, and organise all your funeral arrangements as you farewell your loved one.

With great regard and compassion, Millar Superior Funerals will guide and support you through this difficult time, ensuring all your requirements are met with the utmost diligence and respect.

Death can be a difficult time, but you are not alone. If you have overwhelming feelings of sadness and grief it is important to have the right people to talk to. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Need more support?

We can put you in touch with local grief councillors and mental health professionals, to offer greater support  in your time of grief.

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